Thursday, April 25, 2013

finding my style one tween room at a time

so i've been trying to determine my "style" and what you could really call our little place. i've gone from one direction to another but lately it's mostly just color. i love color. and i've come to realize there is nothing wrong with that. i'm not a black and white kind of girl. i don't love monochromatic. and thats okay. i eye tends to follow the blues and pinks. spence of course hates the pinks but has been okay with a few pops of coral here and there. i've been wanting to share my inspiration for a few of our rooms but today i just had to share this post by emily henderson. one of my most favorite designers. i simply love almost everything she does. 

today she posted this tween room (get that, a tween...not even a teen) and i found myself saying...."oh gosh i want this to be my room". now, i would do a bit less pink and maybe mix in some navy but seriously. apparently my style is tween. oh gosh people what am i supposed to do. ha. 

maybe one day i'll grow up. but i guess for now i'm just lovin' the tween stage. 

i guess i need to have kids fast so i can design rooms for them and just live vicariously through them.

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