Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a little date night on the pier

saturday the mr. spent the day studying. by that evening i was ready for a break (and so was he). so we headed out to navy pier. i love navy pier. i know it's super touristy but there is just something about a carnival on the water that gets me every time. i think i'm just a sucker for the lights and the rides.

on our way spend admitted to not ever really riding a ferris wheel before. i was floored. i have the best memories of riding the ferris wheel at lagoon with my family right before closing. it was a tradition of ours. we quickly got our tickets and jumped in line. as luck would have it that night a man was attempting to break a world record of riding in a ferris wheel for over 30 hours. (who would want to do this i have no idea) but it was fun for us. we cheered each time he went around. a little later that night he finally broke the record. it was awesome! we screamed because of course we were so excited for him ;-) and enjoyed the early fireworks from the carousal.

anyway the mr. of course loved the ferris wheel. i think it's safe to say we will be back. after that we hit up the swings. i remember loving the swings as a kid. i told spence (who again had never been on the poor deprived husband) that they were easy and he wouldn't get sick. after about the 3rd go around i started getting sick. ha. i guess thats what happens when you grow up. spence did fine on the other hand. karma i tell ya.

we finished the night hand in hand on the carousal watching the fireworks. it was a simple night but we loved it. i wanted to get one last "chicago" thing in before we headed out for a few weeks this summer. i have sure grown to love this city. and the cute boy next to me sure helps!


  1. I didn't know there was a carnival on the pier! O my goodness I'm excited!!

  2. That first picture is perfect. I love it. You guys are adorable. I miss date nights on the pier! I don't live near one anymore!



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