Saturday, June 1, 2013

year one down......

(so excited to finally be on a plane traveling alone for work)

the mr. finally finished his first year of medical school. i still can't believe we've made it this far. it may seem funny, considering we still have 3 more years, but i really felt like we've made it. we survived. honestly i think we did much more than just survive. 

at this time last year we were still unsure about northwestern. we (okay mostly the mrs) was praying hard for a california school. as it turns out the lord had another plan for us. it took me a bit to get used to it but looking back i'm so happy things turned out as they did. 

so updated....

the mr. finished his first year of medical school. coming from his very proud wife he did incredible. he not only finished but truly excelled. i am one proud wife. i am even more excited about the fact that he still likes it. i think it's safe to say my mr. will for sure be a dr. one day. he loves what he is learning. 

i survived as well. i probably didn't excel as much as my cute dr. but i did okay. i have come to love life as a med student wife. and even more come to love chicago. didn't know that was possible but it happened. i've learned so much about my life, my cute husband, the medical world and life in general. i love how much i've learned in this past year. i know the mr. has learned a bit more but i like to think i've come a long way as well.

i was so worried about how medical school would be. i'll be honest, there were some hard days. mostly the first couple of months. that was for sure an adjustment period. but once we finally figured out our new life, school, studying and working from home.....we hit our stride. we've tried really hard to make a life for ourselves in chicago. it's home now and we love our little life. we've come to love city living and really enjoy the daily life of living in chicago. 

as of right now spence still has no idea what he wants to do. his problem...we likes too many things. it's been fun for me watching him learn about new specialties and realize he would be great at so many of them. we have ruled out just a couple of specialities. let's hope in the next couple of years we'll be able to rule more out. for now it's exciting (for both of us) to just keep learning and figuring out life. 

the day after spence's last test we hopped on a plane and headed to utah. we have 3 weeks here until we head back for the mr's summer research. it's been so nice being "home" with family. we've been taking advantage of having all our love ones close. i have also enjoyed being spoiled by my mom. sometimes i just need to be taken care of. my family sure knows how to take care of us. 

so i may be a bit mia the next couple of weeks. i'm enjoying family, friends and kneaders french toast. 

year one down....bring on m2 baby!!!! 

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