Sunday, June 2, 2013

the mr. and mrs. memorial day 2013

memorial day 2013 was just perfect. it was so nice to be "home" in utah for the holiday. we started the day with the traditional barfuss family breakfast. the whole b family (about 65 in total this year) show up at the grandparents for food, fun and four square. we start the morning at grandma larue's grave. grandma larue is spencer's grandmother who died when spence's dad was young. though we've never met her we feel her love and i truly look up to her as a beautiful mother. it was nice to be back with the b. family and enjoy the morning together. we had a lot of catching up to do. a little foursquare was much needed as well. who doesn't love a good family competition. not to brag or anything but i may have even been king a couple of times...yep i'm that good (haha)

after breakfast we headed north to visit benjamin's grave and grandpa d. benjamin is spence's baby brother who died when he was just a few days old. there was such a sweet spirit while visiting benjamin. though i never got to meet him have felt his spirit with us many times. i am so grateful for him as my little brother in law and look forward to meeting him one day. 

we finished the day hanging out at the b family household, eating way to much and just enjoying being together. the night before we hung out with my family and visited my grandpa's grave. not a day goes by that i don't think about him. i miss him dearly but know he is watching out for me. again i'm so grateful for eternal families. 

there is just something about holidays that make me homesick. i was so grateful to be able to be home for memorial day. it was a busy day but so fun to hang out with all our family. now if we can make it back for every memorial day i think we'll be okay. 

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