Tuesday, May 14, 2013

mothers day 2013

mothers day this year was absolutely wonderful. honestly though i wasn't expecting it to be that way. a few days before mothers day i was feeling bad. i threw myself a little pity party and cried to the mr. all around me cute moms were posting pictures of their little ones (or prego bellies) and their early mothers day gifts. last years mothers day was rough. really rough. so i was preparing myself for another one just like it.

by saturday morning though i had a change of mind. i hate to admit how long it took me but i finally realized what mothers day was really about. mothers. it wasn't all about me. it was a day to remember our beautiful mothers and other wonderful women in our lives. i spent the morning thinking about all the incredible women in my life. my mom, my mother in law, my sisters and dear friends. the most beautiful spirit came over me and i began to think about motherhood and all that it includes.

sunday was even better. cute spence got me the most beautiful flowers and vase. he made me breakfast and told me how wonderful i am. he listed off the ways that i am already a great mom. he really made my morning special. at church i was overcome with love for all the wonderful mothers in my ward. all the great sisters who have reached out to me and loved me. i got the most incredible notes and texts from loving friends. who were thinking about me.

honestly i was really humbled by all the love that surrounded me. it took all i had not to cry. not because i was sad. but because i was overcome with happiness. i kept thinking about my beautiful mother. who is the most incredible person. she is my greatest example and best friend. i thought of all the good she has taught me. and i smiled.

i am so grateful to a loving heavenly father for blessing me with an incredible mom. words cannot describe her goodness and my love for her. i am also so grateful for my wonderful mother in law. i look up to her strength and faith and love her dearly!

i am grateful for all the love that was sent my way on sunday. it truly opened my eyes to the beautiful angel women heavenly father has put in my life. i am so blessed.

i am grateful for mothers day. a day to reflect on the beautiful blessing of womanhood. because within all of us is a mother. no matter what.

and for mothers day this year, i was able to reflect on that. and that is why mothers day was absolutely wonderful.


  1. You inspire me. Just thought you should know that :)

  2. You are the cutest and such an amazing example!


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