Wednesday, May 1, 2013

on being a 9 yr old tween again.....

so remember that one time when you were nine years old? when jumping up and down and screaming at concerts was the highlight of your life? welcome to my saturday night! 

groupon had a deal for carly rae jepsen concert tickets. "call me maybe" is one of our songs. long story but it's a fav in the b. household. i was excited to go with spence. the concert was at this really interesting building just a few blocks north of us and i was excited for this to be our weekly chicago adventure. 

turns out spence had a test on monday and so saturday he wasn't feeling up for a concert. he had too much studying to do. tickets were cheap so i didn't feel bad. but last min my good friend gabby talked me into going. so the two of us headed to see carly rae. 

lets be honest, it was hilarious. we were like the oldest people there (besides all the mom's and dad's who were there with their little ones). we had no idea who the first band was and only knew 2 of carly's songs. but we laughed most of the way through anyway.

cute gabby made me stay till the end so i could see call me maybe. the venue was incredible. a bit odd and unexplained but that made it all that much better. 

so we spent our saturday night being 9 year old girls again. screaming and jumping like it aint no bodies business! i was sad that spence missed out but it was so fun to hang out with my girl gabby and do something so random. 

it may not have been lollapalooza but hey one step at a time right! ha.

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