Tuesday, June 4, 2013

books and the bug

oh gosh i can't get enough of this little bug. our cute little niece lainey bug is getting so big. she has turned into a little chatter box that keeps us laughing. we went and hung out at ric and megs new house for a night. lainey showed us her new room and shared her toys with us. she has cute spence wrapped around her finger. at one point she brought her books out and cuddled up with us while spence read stories. she got so excited pointing at the dogs and kitties. 

i'm not going to lie....being away from our little nieces and nephew is the hardest thing about living in chicago. i want to just pack these little bugs up and take them home with us. i think lainey bug would really love living in chicago ;-) 

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  1. K that picture of you guys might just be the best one yet. So adorable!


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