Monday, June 10, 2013

oh baby it's donut day

how did i just find out about national donut day. i should have been preparing for days (maybe even weeks). chocolate cake donuts have become my new weakness. i was slightly heartbroken when i realized it was national donut day and we weren't in chicago. i miss my chicago donut runs. but luckily my cute mother in law came through. i'm going to be honest...this little guy, so simple, was a lot better than i expected. it put up a good fight against my fav glazed and infused. 

national donut day was a success. counting down the days till next years. 


  1. That outfit is adorable! Your sweet little face doesn't hurt either!

  2. Totes wish I could eat donuts right now. Dang clean eating spurt has me regretting not eating a whole box that day.



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