Thursday, June 20, 2013

my next project

(some of my most recent ideas/inspirations via my pinterest board) 

so to make a long story short a couple of months ago i was struggling with wanting something new. life hasn't planned out how i expected (not necessarily a bad thing) but i found myself doing the whole "what's my purpose?" thing. i think i do that about once a year...haha. anyway by this time in life i expected to be a stay at home mom. since that isn't the case i needed to change my mind set a bit. i still love my job but i've gotten to know the ins and outs and for the most part it isn't super challenging. i do have a few new work events but still.

i have thought about a masters degree for some time now. last fall i started my application. but then it just didn't feel right. then again in february i started my application. after a lot of thought and prayer it again didn't feel right. at first i was confused. but i went with it and didn't apply to the program i wanted. 

since then i have been trying to figure out what my next step is. where do i go from here. about two months ago i was really having a hard time. i felt like i wasn't growing or doing anything worth while. i asked heavenly father to give me a new project. something i would love and could spend my time working on and growing. 

a few weeks after that we found out our landlord wants to sell our apartment. at first we were both floored. it was not what we were expecting. we had planned on staying in our cute little place for the next 3 years. after some freaking out we realized our next step. to find a new place to live.

little did i know that this was going to be my new project. at least for the next couple of months. i spent all last month getting to know chicago real-estate. i learned the ins and outs of each neighborhood we were looking into, the prices of the rental market right now, distance from school and the like. honestly i became a pro at craigslist and dominated the google search. 

we finally found our new home. it's almost perfect. the neighborhood is dreamy although a bit more north (sorry babe for the longer commute). we get to stay in our current ward and we're moving closer to one of my good friends. so now i have a beautiful two bed two bath apartment to decorate. i'm excited about this new project. i keep daydreaming about what i want to do in the rooms. surprisingly i most excited about decorating the bathrooms. i have no idea why ;-) 

so we'll move in a couple of weeks. from there i'll take my time putting our new place together. i'm excited to share all my ideas along the way. it may not be the master program in interior design i was planning on (at least not right now) but it's something i can work on and put my heart into. i love putting together spaces, especially my own! i'm trying to learn more about interior design as i go. really put together our "house" the way it should be. someway that looks and feels like home. 

so here is to the next couple of months. now i just need to find a good (cheap) moving company and start parking. oh joy! 

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