Monday, July 1, 2013

oh just a day on the lake

oh gosh time has sure flown by. we have had a super busy month. with our trip home, getting back into the swing of things in chicago, work for the mrs., research for the mr., beginning the moving process and just living up the summer we've been jam packed. i have a ton of catching up to do on this here blog. one step at a time i guess. 

i just had to post these pictures. while in utah we did a last min trip up to the lake. papa b wanted to test out the boat and so we joined in. liz came with cute mya and baby o which made it even better. too bad the water was freezing or else i would have spent the day in the water. spence did get a good round of wake boarding in. he almost froze but couldn't pass up the chance to wake board for probably the only time this year. 

i'm missing the boat big time this week. i keep looking at lake michigan and can't stop craving a good boating trip. hopefully next summer we'll be home longer so we can hit up the lake more often.

for now i'm back to work and back to real life. gosh why does time keep flying by? i can't believe it's already july...gosh! hopefully with the holiday i'll be able to catch up on blogging a bit...hopefully ;-)

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  1. Love the pictures! Where are the ones of our family? ; - )


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