Thursday, July 25, 2013

a little beach therapy

there are sometimes when life just creeps up on you. when it seems like the smallest tear will unravel everything. honestly i've come to expect these times in life. not because i live my life "cup half empty"....but because sometimes thats just life. i feel like the past couple of years have taught me that. that sometimes life just isn't fair. sometimes life just falls apart. but, in the end, i'm never broken. it takes some time, a lot of faith, but i'm able to pick the pieces back up and put myself back together again. i have found though that a little something helps put everything in perspective faster....

the beach.

now it may sound funny but there is just something about the beach that heals my heart. maybe thats why i was so dead set on living in california (and maybe still am...). thats why i'm grateful i have the beach for the week. and almost all to ourselves. 

our life hasn't fallen apart completely. but a few surprises hit us this summer. i was almost in tears as i packed my bag. i was ready to get away. i couldn't wait. we've spent the last week enjoying the sun, waves and the most glorious sand i've ever felt. there is just something about putting your feet in the sand, warm sun smiling down on your skin and listening to the waves hit the shore that puts life in perspective. it is as if heavenly father is smiling down on me...telling me "hey i made this for you. just relax and enjoy."

this trip has been the first time in years that i've been able to completely get away. just enjoy life with my mr.  and fall in love all over again. we had the first few days all to ourselves and then my family has joined us for the last half. oh boy did i miss my family. i didn't even realize how much until i saw them for the first time here. 

so if you ever feel like life is creeping up on you....take my advice and head to the beach. it does wonders for your soul. at least thats what i think.

i'll be back in a few days...when we are all nice and tan from the sun (or red...both good), beached out and sand filled. more pictures to come...much more! 

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