Monday, July 29, 2013


to my sweet mr. b,
three years ago today i woke up with butterflies. i woke up bright and early. not because i had to (love that we got married early in the afternoon) but because i was too excited to sleep. i remember that morning so clear. you made us a count down. i pulled the last loop off and cried as i read your sweet note. i was going to be your wife and i couldn't be happier. you came and picked me up. i loved our drive in to the temple together. we walked hand in hand into the temple. you were just my cute boyfriend at the time. we walked out a couple of hours later. hand in hand. this time you were my cute husband. we've walked hand in hand everyday since. for three incredible years you have held my hand. 

we have had the most amazing three years. that i am sure of. three years of you holding my hand. three years of pure laughter. three years of adventures. three years of learning to be a homemaker for my mr. three years of you supporting me and my dreams. three years of cuddling before we fall asleep. three years of "i love yous" and "i love you mores". three years of smiles so big i don't think they'll fit on my face. three years of you taking care of me and wiping away my tears. three years of date nights that fill my heart with the happiest of memories. three years of learning together. three years of working through life. three years of growing together has the b. family.  three years more wonderful than i could have imagined. three years that make me so excited for an infinite amount more. 

it is as if three years ago my life truly started. it may be cheesy but it's as if my life hadn't really begun before you came along. you make me feel alive and excited about everyday life. i couldn't imagine a more perfect match for me. i love seeing our love grow. each and everyday. 

thank you for asking me to be your wife. for holding my hand for now and forever. thank you for the most magical three years this mrs. could ever dream of. eternity is not enough. 

happy anniversary mr. barfuss!
love your wife


  1. Happy anniversary! I love the picture collage and the cute post. We love you guys and hope you have fun celebrating! What's more fun than going back to school, right? ;)

  2. you guys are so cute. I love how happy you are!

  3. you guys are too cute. so happy you are so happy!


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