Tuesday, July 30, 2013

bringing home the bacon

i'm blogging from a hotel room...again. i know what you're thinking "you just got back". i was home for just over 24 hours before i packed my bag and jumped on a plane. this time to dc. this time for work. i would much rather be jetting off to the bahamas again. but i guess someone has to bring home the bacon. 

i was going through my tons of beautiful beach pictures and felt intimidated by the amount of editing etc. so i decided to post some pictures from our utah trip that have almost been forgotten. it's about time right? honestly i have no idea where this summer went. i'm going to attempt to keep caught up on life but i've been known to say that and not do much! 

anyway....utah was great. we loved being with family. i worked a little, we played a ton. visited friends, saw most of our family and enjoyed being back "home" for a little while. i even helped put together two weddings. it took me back to the days when i longed to be a wedding planner. i'll stick with corporate events for now. 
so this one time we took the day to watch the mr.'s little sister get all graduated. i still can't get over the fact that she is so old. we hung out in the warm sun a little too long...she's just a tad bit popular. we finally got a picture with the girl of the hour! 
little sarah b. we are sure proud of you. you are such a great example to us. now go live up your freshman year. as much as people will tell you to study...don't worry about it. it all works out. just play and stay up till 2 am eating cereal with your roommates in your hall. you'll thank me later for the memories! 
 i was so excited to spend some good time with my besties. i met up with lyds and jbod for dinner and girl talk. i was supposed to be in and out in an hour. i think we were there for four hours. i love my jeru girls. that is one thing i miss most about leaving utah....not being with all my girlfriends.  

i met up with dru-b and mj as well but we were having too much fun for pictures. i'm still mad at myself for not taking pictures. ugh. next time right...i'll be back in sept. 
and of course this bug. we just can't get enough of her. i love that she knows us know and will call for us to come play. uncle spence teases her so we're not so sure she likes him much but i know she loves him ;-) they are good buds! 

so that takes us through our first part of the summer. haha! one day i'll get through my mountain load of pictures. 

i'm trying to take a new approach to life. to just enjoy and live in the moment. i still of course love pictures and love to blog....journaling duh....but i'm also enjoying this time in our life more. trying to live more simply and just enjoy. anyway thats my rambling for tonight. 

now i've got to finish name tags and seating charts for tomorrows event. good thing i have last nights episode of the bachelorette to keep me company. i heard this one is a tear jerker. gosh why so much drama des...why???

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