Thursday, August 1, 2013

oh custard

at one point in the middle of packing, cleaning, unpacking and all the other fun that comes with moving, i hit a wall. i was done. so done. spence decided that we needed a break. to take a night off from all the moving and packing. i was so grateful for our night off. we moved to a new neighborhood. it is a little bit further north and honestly a bit unknown to both of us. its a good area, of that i made sure, but we have so much exploring to do. we decided to spend our night walking around and getting familiar with our new "home".  our first stop....lickity split....the cutest little ice cream shop. and it just so happens to be one short block away from home. 

now if anyone knows my husband they know he LOVES nielsons frozen custard in bountiful. i convinced him our move to holladay was a good thing because there was a nielsons just down the block.  lickity split's custard can take on a nielsons any day (in my book at least) and thats saying a lot. i'm was that good. we got a shake to share and of course a coke. my dessert of choice. we spent the rest of the night walking around the neighborhood, finding all the cute houses and just relaxing. 

all in all the move went a lot better than expected. i was so scared to move. before now all of our moves (and we've had a few in our short married life) we had the help of countless family members. let alone both of our moms who would come in and basically pack for me. i had no idea how to pack a kitchen. i hadn't had to do it...until now.  i may have called my mom everyday, basically in tears, and she would remind me that "you can do hard things". interestingly my mom was packing up my childhood home the same week we were packing up our first chicago home. thats a story for another day. 

and we did hard things. but not alone. thanks to our many incredible friends here in chi town we got all moved in. in a matter of 2.5 hours to be exact. anyway thats for another post as well. for now i'm just thinking about lickity split and their incredible oreo custard shakes. i think i'll get one for dinner!


  1. Sounds delicious! I'm excited to come visit you in your new home!

  2. What? Your parents are moving? Did they sell they're house? Where are they going?

  3. Can't wait to see pictures of your new place and how cute you decorate it!

  4. Lickity split!!! Oh so YUMMY! :P love that place :] So nice to see you are doing well :)


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