Monday, August 19, 2013

a little birthday celebration!

so even though the mr. had a big ol' scary test today, and was maybe studying all day on his birthday, we still found time to celebrate. we had some friends over for dinner and dessert to welcome spence into this 27th year. we had a blast eating way too much, playing games, and catching up after everyones summer break.  the mr was spoiled with lots of love. 

my mr has a thing for brownies and ice cream. every year since we've been married i've made this for his birthday dessert. one year i attempted a cake as well but he said he liked the brownies and ice cream better ;-) 

love the great blowing out the candles pictures! 

of course we had to get a group photo! i personally love the funny picture the best. dan was mid throw of baby linc....too bad our self timing was off. 

i sure love my mr. and i sure love celebrating him. and even more i love celebrating for days. we have big plans for dinner out just the two of us tonight to continue the celebration! 

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  1. I'm glad we were able to help you guys celebrate! I love both of the group pictures. What a fine lookin' bunch! ;) Dan looks funny in the silly picture getting ready to toss Lincoln... It's making me laugh! Thanks for sharing these!


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