Wednesday, August 21, 2013

date night in the city

my mr. took this picture on a recent date night. after we filled our faces with the most wonderful tacos we wandered the nearby neighborhood. we once considered living in this neighborhood. as we walked around i was reminded how much i love our neighborhood. our life would have been completely different if we had lived in this new place. not bad, just different. 

we found a cute little used book shop. we popped in and enjoyed looking at the travel section and the history aisle. i especially loved the section on jerusalem. spence pulled out the camera and snapped this picture. right after a worker came up and got mad at us. apparently photo's aren't allowed in this used book shop (what???). we ran out of there like we were teenagers just caught making out in the back. 

the rest of the night we walked hand in hand. jumping in and out of stores. visiting where "we could have lived". this new place was fun, exciting and very lively for a friday night. we loved the tacos and fun shops. but it wasn't home. 

we got back to the car and drove to our neighborhood. with the quiet tree lined streets. single family houses with beautiful porches and hydrangeas. it is not as happening but it's home. it's safe. and we love it.  

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