Monday, September 2, 2013

labor day

four years ago this weekend i was in jackson hole with my family. i had just met this cute boy a few weeks before. the whole trip i kept thinking about spence. i couldn't get this man out of my head. i knew i was in trouble. he came out of no where and took me by surprise. 

i remember texting my roommate. asking her to make sure we were in the same fhe group as spence's apartment. i just had to be around him. she asked me why i cared. i made up some excuse. i didn't tell her why. i didn't tell anyone. but i knew. 

turns out we weren't put in the same fhe group. but somehow it all worked out. now i get to spend every one of my labor days with this cute boy. and now i can tell everyone i know how madly in love with him i am. 

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