Wednesday, September 11, 2013

da bears

going to a bears game has been on our chicago "to-do" list since the day we moved in. i tried to get us tickets last year but found out that nfl games aren't as cheap as one would expect. we had to live with seeing the stadium from the freeway as we drove past.

a couple of weeks before the game i decided to check tickets one more time for this year. we were able to snatch up some cheap tickets for the last pre-season game. if wasn't as exciting as a season game but was a bears game.

we got dan and nicole to join us and the four of us spent a time repeating "da bears" lines from the snl skit and learning the bears flight song (seriously...they have one). it may even include the line "bear down". our personal favorite. 

solider field is HUGE. and it is one of the smallest nfl fields in the league. i couldn't get over how many people were there. 

love dan's excited face. gotta love four people selfies

i love adventuring with this dude. nfl games or not he is my favorite person to hang out with. 

even though the nfl made us walk a few miles away to put my tiny purse in a little locker we still had a blast. maybe next year we'll talk the parents into coming to town during bears season and splurging on the real tickets! can wish right!

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  1. I love seeing posts about your adventures in Chicago. I always think it's best to find joy in each chapter of our lives. :)


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