Monday, October 7, 2013

domestic fail weekend

i had big plans for this weekend. and i mean big. it was conference weekend after all....

but last night as i crawled into bed i just had to laugh. this was my weekend of domestic fail....big time! 

saturday was my day. mr. had to study all day so i was going to be so on top of time. wake up early, make a big "pre-test" breakfast, clean the house, watch conference, finish sewing my quilt, go grocery stopping, make the med school buddies a big lunch etc...

saturday i woke up. so tired from one of the most stressful weeks of my life. i slowly climbed out of bed. i attempted to make waffles. apparently i made them too milky. the mr had to swoop in and save the day. // i turned on the first session and started sewing. i got about 2 rows into my quilt and got tired. it was time for lunch at this point. i didn't have anything for the boys. i should have gone to the store. but i couldn't get myself to put on make-up. and oh boy did i need it to go out. we ate some left over pasta. // after session was going to be different. i again started my quilt. but after another few rows i found myself on the couch. the internet went out. and so i slept instead. 

sunday was going to be better. the mr.'s family has a tradition of making quiche every conference sunday for breakfast/brunch. while his parents were visiting a couple of weeks ago i had mom teach me how to make it. i was so excited. saturday i checked the fridge and saw we had a carton of eggs. so early sunday i woke up and rushed to the kitchen. just my luck, we had one egg. i had somehow put an empty carton of eggs back in the fridge. we had cereal for breakfast. //  i had big plans for afternoon treats and dinner. i also attempted my first homemade loaf of bread. 

a couple of hours later i found myself dealing with a dried out roast, a first time quilters binding mess, a loaf of homemade bread that was about 3 inches shorter than it should have been. 

we sat down for an early dinner of dried roast, dense bread and a significant lack of veggies because they some how all decided to go bad in one day. i looked at my sweet husband and wanted to cry. 

i wanted so bad to be the good wife, take care of my sweetheart, make him yummy bread and delicious dinners. i wanted to be that wife. the one that will be a good homemaker, the one who has it all under control, the one who can make quilts and crockpot dishes that make it to pinterest. 

he could have said something, he could have pulled out a bowl of cereal for dinner (heaven knows thats what i wanted to do). but he didn't. 

he never mentioned missing quiche. he helped me fix bobbins and tread. he didn't stress when the internet went out...yet again. he ate all of his dinner (and he doesn't even like non-dried out roast). he took two pieces of bread and smiled as he ate them. he laid my quilt out and showed me how perfect it was for a picnic quilt. 

he then pulled me close, and held my hand while we watched the rest of general conference. 

this weekend didn't turn out as i expected. i didn't master the art of homemade bread. i didn't make pretty treats and breakfast foods to post on instragram. i didn't finish my quilt. i wasn't super wife.

but i was able to listen to the words of our lord through his servants. i was spiritually uplifted. i was inspired to be better and do better. i learned more about myself, my life and my heavenly father. 

i will be the first to admit i'm no super wife. i am not the queen of domestic living. though somedays i wish i was. i so wish i had it all together. but in reality i do. but i have a beautiful little life. with the most incredible loving husband. and this weekend reminded me of that. 

and you know what....that alone is success. 

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