Tuesday, October 8, 2013

b. family pictures

a few months ago while we were visiting utah we got together with the b. family to take some pictures. it's always an adventure getting us all together and all smiling at the same time. we have our fair share of amazing outtakes. i must say cute little mya rocks the mad face. but we pulled out some super cute ones. these aren't the final edited ones so don't judge....i'm simply in chicago and just couldn't wait till i go home again to get the real ones before posting. 

it may just be the two of us for now but i sure love my "little" family

oh gosh i can't get enough of the picture below. aren't these two simply the cutest.

i am so grateful for the incredible family that i married into. i'm not going to lie...i have the best in-laws out there. they are such a beautiful support system for us. we have way too much fun together. and we're basically just pure awesome. 

growing up i never expected to have two amazing families. i guess i'm just that lucky! 

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  1. Beautiful photos! You're lucky you have great in laws. I've had some trouble here and there LOL!


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