Tuesday, November 26, 2013

just another birthday in the city

we celebrated my birthday for days. the mr. did good! i wasn't super excited for this birthday. mostly because i was missing family and because i turned 25. for some reason turning 25 really freaked me out. the week leading up to my birthday i was a bit down.

cute mr. stepped in and made this the best birthday ever! it started the day before my birthday. spence took me to yolk, our favorite breakfast spot. we stuffed our faces and enjoyed being downtown together. after that i met up with some girlfriends for a little celebratory lunch. i am kicking myself that i didn't get a picture. 

after my girls lunch the mr. and i headed to my favorite little bakery, sweet mandy b's to pick up my birthday cake. its our new birthday tradition in chicago. i made spence take a picture of me in the same place as last year. something about creating memories and traditions in chicago is helping it feel like home. 

my birthday was on sunday. it was actually a really nice day. the mr. spoiled me of course and i heard from lots of family and friends. that night we had a bunch of friends over for cake and games. my friends even humored me and agreed to play one of my favorite group games. it was like we were all back at efy. 

monday the celebration continued with another girls lunch. man am i spoiled with incredible girlfriends. and again i'm kicking myself for not taking a picture. i need to work on that.  that night spence took me out to hub 51, our favorite restaurant in the city. we stuffed our faces with nachos and the most incredible carrot cake (and i don't usually like carrot cake). we finished the night walking hand in hand through nordstrom. 

even though i was dreading this birthday it turned out to be my best one yet! thanks to my incredible husband, many friends and awesome family! i was so spoiled and felt so loved. 

so maybe being 25 won't be so bad......

crappy phone picture but check out that cake...to die for! 

 spoiled at lunch with pumpkin pancakes....i'm still craving these!

 i have no idea what we're laughing about but i love this pictures!

 i struggled big time with these candles. the mr. had to step in and save the day.

love this man for making my birthday perfect!


  1. You r seriously so cute! Happy late b day! Hope your doing well!


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