Thursday, November 14, 2013

a dc visit

i met suz fall of 2010. she was in one of my political science classes. she was always so bubbly, outgoing, sassy and smart. i didn't think i was cool enough to be her friend. the next semester we were interns together. she was my life savor. she created a social calendar for the interns complete with pot luck lunches and dessert runs. i would go into her office when i needed a break. we'd chat, down our cokes and eat chocolate. 

i flew into dc super early yesterday. the day was full of to do lists and fires to put out. it was a long day. i had about had it by the time i got in a cab to meet up with suz. but just like old times she was my life savor. we spent the next few hours catching up, sharing stories, complaining about the government and eating way too much food. 

there is just something about a good friend. someone who knows and cares about you. and last night i needed a good friend! i love that dc holds some of my most favorite people. i just wish my trips were longer ;-) 

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  1. I'm so glad you had such a great friend to meet up with to help brighten your day! It was fun getting together for lunch today. Thanks for coordinating that!


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