Thursday, November 7, 2013

a baby shower

i love baby showers! there is just something about new little things for babe. i was able to help host a baby shower for cute cassie. cassie and her husband moved to chicago this summer and i couldn't be happier. they are so much fun and we hit it off from the start. love them! 

anyway, with the help of lots of cute girls we put together one fun shower. we kept things simple with lunch, dessert and a few fun games. i attempted to make a pinterest "rain shower"....lets just say it somewhat turned out. who knew hanging balloons in bunches would be so hard. it's not much but i have a few of my favorite pictures below.
 like i said...balloon bunches are hard. gosh pinterest...make everything look easy.
 our food spread. we also had two yummy soups but they didn't fit on the table...haha! 
 my most favorite thing were these straws. i've always wanted to have a party with cute straws. who knew they were so cheap. thanks to bianca the whole thing came together so cute!
i forgot to snap pictures during the shower...ugh so bad at that. but we caught this at the end. a few girls had already left but we grabbed the few at the end and set up the self timer. gotta love a self timer! 

can't wait to meet small fry. let's hope he comes soon! i love new little ones and love that i get to cuddle them during church! 


  1. It turned out so cute! And I absolutely love those windows in your apartment! Hope we get to see them in person sometime!

  2. Good job! It looks like you did such a good job! My favorite line of this post: "Gosh pinterest... make everything look easy." Ha ha ha. I've thought that too many times after way too many failed pinterest projects!


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