Friday, November 1, 2013

a utah game

oh man i really need to play catch up on my blog. when i went to load my pictures from the halloween party i found pictures from august that i have forgotten about...i'll get to those. today i wanted to post pictures from our utah-byu football game party. 

poor med school boys had a test the monday after the game. game day was spent studying for them. luckily we talked them into finishing early to come watch the game with their wives. we had a blast watching the game and stuffing ourselves with typical football watching food. dan and i really enjoyed the game :-) 

people say a house divided can't stand....i say a house divided is more entertaining! 

and here is us. i was trying to cover the y on the mr.'s shirt i the second photo. he caught me just as we were talking the picture. it's an awkward picture but i just had to post it! 

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