Thursday, October 31, 2013

the mr and mrs go to a trunk-or-treat

this year i helped plan our ward halloween trunk or treat. so of course i had to talk the mr into coming with me. i was in utah the whole week before the party so by the time thursday night came we didn't have a costume idea. so last minute i made us an "instagram". we walked around all night "posting to the gram". funny though because most people didn't know what instagram was...seriously?

we had a great time stuffing our faces with soup and treats, playing minute to win-it-games and handing out candy to the kids. 

we were just going to buy halloween decorations for our car but (again last minute) we decided to do an "up" themed car. we bought a ton of balloons and pulled some decor from the house. i should have changed out our picture for one from the movie but i didn't think of that in year. we also lost about half of our balloons while setting i guess we were an odd up house...but at least it was something! 

as you can see we had a blast. we sure love our ward family and even though we went simple we loved celebrating halloween! now on to figure out what to do tonight.....


  1. You deserve more than 14 likes for that! Hahahahahah I am so clever. But really, I can't believe people didn't know what Instagram was.

  2. What a fun idea for a costume. I like all of the detail.


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