Wednesday, October 30, 2013

oh the simple life

loving my walk home from work recently

i've been so bad at blogging lately. mostly because we're just living our daily life and its not super exciting. but i figured why not enjoy the daily grind. and blog about. because lets be honest i'm going to force my kids to read this one day and i want them to know we lived a normal life :-)

life has been pretty simple lately. we of course have had a lot going on. but i'm coming to realize that "a lot going on" is our everyday. work for me is great, super busy, stressful, but great. i just got back from a quick trip to utah for our big annual meeting. luckily everything went perfect (well, for the most part). school for the mr is great, super busy, stressful, but great. 

we wake up early each morning. the mr. before me. because i still can't make myself a morning person. he kisses me goodbye and heads for school. i soon follow a few mins later. we spend all day downtown. sometimes meeting for lunch, which i love. sometimes we get done at the same time. so we head home together. and sometimes we pick up donuts on our way home. and i get to lay my head on his shoulder on the train. we get home, find something for dinner. the mr. goes back to studying and i keep myself busy planning baby showers, working on partly finished crafts, practicing the harp (which i so need to do more of), and catching up on shows. 

at about 9:30 we call it quits and finish the night just the two of us. catching up on all our stories, cuddling while watching a show, planning out our weeks and just being in love. 

our life here in chicago has finally caught some rhythm. it's not consistent, it has it's ups and downs, it's fasts and slows. but it's ours. and we love it. we're enjoying the day to day. i forget to clean and do laundry most of the time. we take turns doing the dishes and putting away clothes. our apartment is usually a mess and my email inbox is always full. but we're happy and loving our daily adventures. 

spence is still loving school. he's starting to study for his boards, which take place in april. i love asking him what he wants to do. it's constantly changing and i'm always surprised by what he loves and gets excited about. he still hasn't officially decided what he wants to specialize in...but we're figuring it out. 

our apartment is pretty much put together. we are in love with our new place. it's perfect for us. i'll show pictures soon. first i have to finish our curtains, thanksgiving decorations and clean i said i'm always behind on cleaning. 

thats about it. i don't have any beautiful vacations to blog about or big weekend getaways. i'm just enjoying the daily life. and it's simple and sometimes i worry not blog worthy. but hey, this is our life blog, and this is our life! so why not. 

so i'm off to cuddle up next to the mr while he finishes studying for the day. maybe i'll catch up on all the blacklist i've been missing out on. or finish my book that i am so annoyed with (why do authors always mess up the last book in the series). all while listening to the rain. 

oh chicago in the fall...i love you. 


  1. Cute post! I love to hear about your everyday life. Sometimes I wish it was mine! :)

  2. I loved hearing about your life. Regular simple life is my favorite. It is the BEST!!

  3. I loved your post. The simple everyday is my favorite. It is what life is all about . Thanks for sharing.


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