Friday, October 11, 2013

take me out to the ball game

after living in chicago for over a year we finally made it out to our first cubs game. we used to live just blocks from the stadium. we could hear the cheers from our little patio. so when we finally move a little north we decide to go to a game...go figure!  i can't believe it took us so long to get to a game!

we met up with our good friends gabby and jordan to enjoy the game. lets be honest...i watched probably about 10 mins of the game. it was more fun to just chat and catch up with gabby. i think the boys enjoyed themselves though...haha!

i did love our $7 seats, the guys walking around shouting "peanuts...get your peanuts", and just walking around looking at everybody. it was a great night. 

maybe next summer we'll go again...and this time pay attention ;-)

 (gotta love selfies where we try and get all 4 of us in, with crappy lighting, and even crappier camera....i'm too lazy to bring the good one anywhere with us anymore)

so even though the mr is way crazy busy with school, he still takes time to take me out and enjoy our little city. we're slowly but surely making it through our "chicago to-do list". good thing we have at least 3 more years here.


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