Monday, January 27, 2014

how we survive the polar vortex...or not

we were hit with a polar vortex right after we got back from our christmas vacation. luckily school was canceled for the mr. and i was able to work from home. we didn't really feel much of it as we were inside. i kept thinking "wow now it can only get warmer"....haha apparently not.

today is day one of polar vortex 2. tomorrow is only supposed to get worse. my plan was to work at home today. but then the mr's school didn't get canceled (and they are forcing him to take a test...gosh northwestern) and my office needed me. so we both bundled up as best we could. add some super warm sorel boats, lots of layers, the biggest puffiest north face coat, a hat, scarf and gloves and you're pretty set. see that little bit of my face...yeah that part froze. on the way to work haha! 

so i'm sitting here at work. listening to reports of how bad it's supposed to be tomorrow, feeling nice and toasty next to my space heater. i'm already dreading the train ride home today. 

good thing our little home is nice and warm as well. we've been blessed with warm water and heat! i might be saying otherwise when we get our heating bill but for now we're staying nice and toasty.  

i knew chicago was cold...that was my biggest con on the list. but i didn't realize how cold it could get. makes for a great adventure right???

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