Monday, January 20, 2014

oh the january blues

oh gosh where has this month gone? at the same time though...could it just be february already? january is pretty much my least favorite month. the good ol' january blues have set in and that is why i've stopped taking pictures. i feel like nothing fun is happening. but that isn't true. so to try and break these blues here is my list of events from january. our attempt at enjoying this awful month....

deep dish pizza picnics at home on the family room floor
enjoying new episodes of our favorite shows (white collar, castle, modern family etc)
bachelor nights with my girls. oh juan make for great entertainment
deep cleaning our room and office
making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. nothing like homemade cookies
lunch dates with the girlfriends
finding creative ways to bundle up an still look cute (not working out so well)
getting our car stuck (the mrs.) and laughing while getting it out 4 days later
booking flights to sunny san diego for a girls trip next month
starting new books. rent collector...amazing already
the mr.'s magic show at school...and he even got a "wow" from a few people (he's that good)
watching our little nephew pound down his first birthday cake
catching up with friends we've missed while we were in utah
working out together at the most beautiful gym we've ever been to
started our 2013 scrapbook and love remembering our great memories
board study for the mr. not so exciting but exciting we're finally to this point (3 months left)
having dance parties to mixes i made years ago 
shopping adventures with girl friends
fun new nail polish color on my nails. somehow this just makes everything happier
getting back to journal writing and goal keeping
game nights with friends where we spend the majority of the time just laughing
loving all our windows that let in a lot of helps on those cold days
hopefully finishing my quilt and curtains
face timing family...always fun for us! yay for technology
planning our little weekend getaway next week (so excited!)
foot rubs from the mr. he is the best

so even though it is FREEZING here and this winter has been 100x worse than last years we're still trying to make the most of january. spence is busy busy with school and board prep so i've been spending more time with girlfriends. but man am i grateful for the most incredible girlfriends around. i couldn't survive without them. thinking back on everything we've done this month and things to come make me realize that maybe january isn't so bad.....just maybe ;-)

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