Sunday, February 16, 2014

a christmas update!

playing catch up a little bit late (a lot a bit maybe???) and finally getting around to blogging about our christmas break. we had a great time visiting family in utah. luckily both mine and spence's families live super close to each other. it is a lot of back and forth while we are there but we wouldn't have it any other way. what a blessing to be able to see both of our families.

we were having too much fun (and maybe dealing with too much morning sickness) to take a ton of pictures. but we did try and make the most of our trip. we saw most all of our families. sadly a bad flu virus was going around so we missed out on a few family members and fun. 

our incredible families spoiled us on christmas!!! we feel so blessed to have such giving and supportive family members. thanks to them we had the perfect break! 

of course we had a little family sleepover on christmas eve at the b family home. it was a blast waking up all together and seeing cute lyla walk in excited to see what was in her stocking. // check out uncle j's sweet shoes...i was slightly in love with them! 

spence has learned the trick of getting the niece/nephew love....add electronics! 

 me and my bug! i guess spence learned the trick from me ;-) lainey kept wanting sydneys' phone

 me and my momma! i am so blessed to call this incredible woman my mother! 

on christmas after we've all opened our presents we head up to the willey family party at grandmas. we've been doing this for as long as i can remember. i love that the family keeps getting bigger and bigger! this is just some of the beautiful grandma, aunt, mom and cousin (who is more like a sister) and two of her adorable kids! 

after the  big party at grandma's (aka downstairs) my little family headed up stairs for our christmas. a couple of years ago my mom started a new tradition of getting presents to go with a word. we've done christmas, merry and star! what a fun tradition! 

cute megs and baby girl with her matching nail polish!

my cute husband opening his presents!!! i am so in love with this boy 

our traditional family picture in front of the tree!  

the best thing about the break was meeting our little "nephew" stills! my brother got the most adorable little puppy on christmas eve. we were able to baby sit stills a bit over the break. i fell so in love with this little guy. especially when he would come and cuddle with me. it really made me puppy hungry again...ahh! 

due to chicago's beautiful weather we got stuck in utah a few extra days. it was nice to have the extra few days to hang out around our families! we love our little life in chicago but we miss our families while we are away. we're just so grateful we've been able to go home so often! 

despite being sick and throwing up a lot it really was one of our best christmases! 

(our christmas card!)

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