Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentines day!

this week has been crazy with a big work event. but luckily it was here in chicago (yay for no traveling). the mr. has been busy with school and board study as well. we haven't really been able to focus on valentines day like i usually do. its one of my most favorite holidays and this year decorations just didn't happen...oh well!

i woke up super early this morning and was able to write a little note on our bathroom mirror for my mr.....little did i know he wrote one for me on our white board. two peas in a pod i tell ya! 

so here is to my favorite valentine. it was 4 years ago today we made the decision to get married. thats one of my favorite things about today...that memory! 

i'm so excited that i get to spend the rest of my valentines days with you, my mr. you are everything to me! i am the luckiest mrs in the world. thank you for loving me completely, despite all my flaws! i fall more and more in love with you each and everyday!

happy valentines day sweetie!

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