Friday, February 7, 2014

amy jo royall photography

have you ever met someone that you just immediately know you were meant to be friends? that some how you think the same, act the same and can agree on almost everything? 

thats how i felt when i met amy jo. now if you have met amy jo you know what i am talking about. she is one of the most uplifting, happy, inspiring and beautiful people on this earth. i am so grateful to call her my friend. she has been just what i have needed these last couple of months. 

now not only is amy jo amazing she is an incredibly talented photographer. long story short i actually discovered amy jo before i knew amy jo. i'm one of those weird people that looks for new photographers before she moved to chicago....haha i know! i ran across amy jo's website and fell in love. over time i discovered that we had mutual friends in chicago. but i was too much of a chicken to say anything to her.

fast forward a couple of months....amy jo and her husband moved just a couple of blocks from us. we've been fast friends ever since. when we found out we were expecting i wanted some pictures. amy jo was on board and i couldn't be more excited.

i'll post some more of those pictures later but i wanted to show off some she took of our family room. i love how she can make a family room look beautiful. i also love that i get to keep these pictures forever and have a reminder of our favorite chicago apartment. i just wish i would have had her take pictures of our old place. 

thanks amy jo for making our little home look beautiful! now i just need to clean my bedroom and kitchen so you can come back and document those!!!

our photo wall....i had too may pictures to share and not enough wall space! thank you ikea shelves

love our over stuffed game baskets. we are just game people i guess

thanks to my beautiful mother i have the most perfect fabric for my i just need to finish the last 3.

so random but i am in love with our brick walls. i didn't realize how much i wanted some until we started looking at new places.

our glider for the baby. we bought this before we moved to chicago. i can't wait to finally have a baby to rock in it!

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  1. I like how bright your house looks. The brick walls are cool.


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