Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a med school update...end of m2 year

as of yesterday the mr is officially finished with his m2 year. this may not seem like a big deal...but let me tell you it is! finishing m2 means no more science lectures, no more random small groups, no more monthly tests, no more late night studying for tests, etc. northwestern has taught spence all he needs to know (or at least we hope so). 

so coming from his very proud (and extremely biased) wife...he did amazingly! he is a smart man to start with but he has worked so hard to learn all he can learn and to truly understand everything he can about the body and medicine. it has been so fascinating for me hearing all he has learned. a few times lately he has been explaining something to me and my first thought "wow he really does know a ton" haha! 

we spent last night celebrating with our med school family. how grateful i am for awesome friends who are on this journey with us. we sat and laughed at the restaurant for hours. it was the perfect way to end the year. 

what now?

well the studying isn't over (and probably will never be). the mr. takes the "step 1" or first round of boards in april. this is a big test to prove he really does know stuff about stuff. this score will help determine the residency program he will go into. it's a pretty intense test. think about mcat but about 10 times more intense (or maybe i just think that).

so for the next 5 weeks my husband will be studying non-stop. we've made a plan to take an 1.5 hour break each evening to have dinner and go to the gym together. other than that i am giving my sweet husband to the books. i know it's only 5 weeks but this has been something super hard for me to accept. i love my time with my husband. so it will be hard, but so worth it. the better he can do on this test the better off we are for being able to make our own decisions on our future. 

while the mr spends his days (and nights) studying, i'll be working on long forgotten projects. i also have a huge list of projects for baby that i need to work on. i'll find some good things to keep me busy..hopefully!

after his big ol' test in april, the mr will start rotations. northwestern is kinda cool and has it's students start rotations a few weeks before "normal". this is to give them a few more weeks to add in some more rotations. this is great for us because we (yep we) have not decided what speciality spence will go into. i'm just so excited to see what he likes and what he doesn't. 

we've heard the m3 year is the worst. long hours, long days, long weeks of working in the hospital. i'm a bit nervous doing m3 with a newborn but we've going to work together has a little family and make it great. i've already promised the mr that if we only has 1 hour break at 1 am baby and i will come and bring him dinner. it will be a fun adventure! 

so we're slowly but surely making our way through this whole medicine future. we've been on this road for over 4 years now. crazy to think how far we've come. i'm so proud of my sweet husband for making the most out of these past few years. for working so hard and giving up so much so we have a better future. i am also so grateful that one of the main reasons he wants to be a dr is so that he can help others! how sweet is that! 

here is to surviving the next 5 weeks and starting m3. i think this year will be my favorite year. i'll get to see my cute husband in scrubs and we'll add a little bug to the mix. life just keeps getting better and better! 

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  1. I'm so proud of you both! I know you will be blessed this next year. And remember, when it gets too lonely you can come home! ;-) (or I can come there!) Loves to you both!


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