Friday, March 14, 2014

oh chicago

(just a little phone picture on my way back from lunch. can't wait to see this river (officially) green tomorrow)

once, or maybe twice, or lets be honest here and say almost every other day this winter, i complained about being here in chicago. most everyone knows that chicago wasn't my first choice for medical school....san diego anyone? but today as i walked outside to grab lunch i had this overwhelming feeling of love for my city sink back in. 

as i crossed the river i remember how much i love chicago. i love seeing sites downtown that remind me of little adventures the mr. and i have been on. i love that the sun really shines in our city (even during the cold cold winter). i love that even though the winters are horrible, at this this one has been, the summers and fall are so incredible. 

the other day the mr. and i were talking about chicago and about how much we love it here. i questioned myself on loving our city when i know others who don't like living here. why in the world do i love it so much with others don't? 

and then i realized some of the reason why i love chicago so much aren't necessarily about chicago. i love this city because it's made my marriage stronger. i love this city because it's where i've learned the most about myself and what i am capable of. i love this city because it has brought us some of the most incredible friends, who are family to us. i love this city because i've experienced the hardest and sweetest years of my life here. i love this city because of the amazing dr.'s that are here. i love this city because it's where we will be bringing home our first baby. i love this city because it's where my husbands dreams are being fulfilled. i love this city because friends and family want to come visit us (in the warm months at least). i love this city because it's taught me more about the gospel and sharing the word. i love this city because there is always something to do, somewhere to see and explore. i truly love this city. 

even though it's been freezing beyond anything i could imagine. and even though this winter feels like it's never ending. i am still so grateful we have the opportunity to live here. i've come to know that no matter where the mr. and i are we will have a beautiful life...but i am so grateful that heavenly father decided chicago was going to be that place for now. 

so next winter when i'm complaining every day about not being in san diego....remind me of this blog post and that i do in fact love chicago ;-) 

now bring on spring....finally!


  1. I like your list of why you love Chicago.

  2. All the reasons I love Virginia so much. You are making the most amazing memories right now!! I'm so excited to see pictures of your cute baby in a few months. Thank you for letting me follow your blog.

  3. Aww! I love this because I have had the same feelings about Chicago and wanting to be in Dallas so many times. Even the things on your list of loving Chicago are similar to mine. I remind myself that some people live their whole lives never experiencing what I am right now. It might not be for them but I am lovin' it.


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