Thursday, May 1, 2014

easter 2014

we had a beautiful easter this year! because we are on a tight budget now and were leaving for utah the next day we decided to go low key. we didn't do easter baskets, presents or anything special. but we shared our testimonies of our savior to each other, enjoyed the beautiful spirit of the day and made plans to be better.

easter sunday was even better than i remembered in the past. this whole having a baby thing has helped us both focus in on what is most important. as we talk about what we want our children to learn and know it all comes down to their relationship with our savior. easter sunday was a day for us both to focus on our own personal testimonies and how we can help those to grow.

it also helped that we got together with a bunch of our dear friends here in chicago for dinner and dessert. it's hard being away from family on holidays but great friends and good food make it that much easier. i forgot to take pictures because we were having so much fun...oh well next time right?

of course i made spence take our traditional easter self timer photo after church on sunday. we're still trying to figure out the best location in our little apartment for these photos so they may not have turned out as i expected. but i love that we were able to capture a few memories from this beautiful day. and to year we'll be holding a little one with us in these pictures. lets hope we can finally figure out the self time by then! 

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