Friday, June 6, 2014

uncle larry

the first time i met uncle larry he gave me a big hug and a kiss. he welcomed me to the family (long before the mr and i were engaged) and told me how lucky spence was to have me. i knew from day one he would always be my favorite. 

uncle larry will always hold a very special place in my heart. for anyone that has met uncle larry you know...he is just that kind of person. 


to the man who called me seattle,

i want you to know how much i love you and how deeply you will be missed. you brought so much light and happiness into our lives. in the short few years that you were my uncle you made me laugh more than i can count. you made me feel special and loved. you made me feel like i was your favorite (even though i am just an in law). you drove halfway across the country with my sweet husband so i could stay home a little longer with my family. that meant so much to me. you always remembered what was going on in my life and asked me about work, friends and everything else under the sun. you were the biggest tease and always had a good joke to share. you had this amazing ability to light up a room every time you came in. you made everyone around you feel welcomed and loved. you brought us all closer together. 

thank you for being my uncle. for loving and supporting me and my sweet husband. for calling to tell us you are proud of us. thank you for calling me seattle. it may sound funny but i loved that i had a special nickname. 

i know we will see each other again. for that i am most grateful. in the mean time please watch over the entire b. family. we will continue to need your love, laughter and happiness in our lives. i am excited to tell my children about their great uncle larry. tell them what an incredible man you were and how you taught me that sometimes life is hard...but in those times you smile and laugh as much as you can! 

i love you uncle larry. we love you. 


  1. wow, i want to be like uncle sweet, syd. and that second picture is just priceless. he made me smile, even though i never knew him.

  2. Love moms face in this pic. --- He sounds amazing

  3. Seattle. Its my new favorite nickname ever.


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