Thursday, November 13, 2014

gwendolyn elizabeth...3 months

oh gwennie girl you are three months old! where is the time going?

gwen at three months:
-she is our little smilier! it starts with her eyes and then she pulls the biggest cheesiest grins for us.
-she started "playing" with her play mat and loves it. her favorite is the owl
-she still loves to be swaddled and will only really sleep if she is swaddled tight
-speaking of sleep...gwennie girl is sleeping about 6 hours a night!
-gwen got her first cold at 3 months. it was so sad but we survived
-she is slowly getting used to tummy time but hasn't really rolled over much...hopefully soon
-she just starting to fit into 0-3 clothes
-also rocking the size 1 diapers
-she does the funniest laugh cough things but you really have to work for them
-this girl loves her bank and will let you know when she wants it back
-she has so much personality for being our little peanut
-she love to kick and move her legs
-slowly she is figuring out how to reach for things!

basically she is getting more fun as the days go by. we are loving her little personality that is coming through. its a learning curve for sure but we're figuring out this little one more and more each day! we sure love our gwennie girl!

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