Thursday, November 13, 2014

lake geneva weekend

the end of september we packed up for a little weekend getaway up to lake geneva. i was beyond excited to have a little trip with my favorites. it was so nice to get out of the city for a few days. the colors were incredible and the weather perfect. we seriously couldn't have asked for a better weekend. we spent the weekend watching football, playing games, eating out and just relaxing with our good friends!

we took a little bike ride along the river trail. i made spence take  gwen in the carrier. she slept the entire time!

seriously that corn field!!!! am i right though? beautiful!

we headed down to see the sunset on lake geneva one night. gwen loved looking around and seeing what was going on! she is such a curious little bug.

someone couldn't have been more excited to have dad sit with us during sacrament! we miss him when he has to sit on the stand (every week

and then she started flirting like crazy with daniel! i couldn't get over these pictures he took of her!!!!

this was the beautiful backyard of the house we were staying out. we were spoiled to say the least!

how grateful we are to have some of the most incredible friends! chicago has brought us some good ones. we're sure going to miss the moneys. why does utah always have to steal back our favorites?

and one last one of our gwennie girl! she is getting so big! she typically hates (and i mean really hates) tummy time so this little smile while on her tummy was a big deal!

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