Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the mr. and mrs. sunday night

so sunday night was great.
i love nights with just the mr. and mrs. 

the mr. decided to pull out one of his favorite christmas gifts.

yep, legos. 
so i decided to pull out something fun for me...

i'm attempting to make new curtains for our family room.
and i'm kinda in love with the fabric i found (so much cheaper than buying curtains) 

we had fun just hanging out.
doing activities we each love.
but mostly being together.

i sure love quiet sunday nights with spence. 
 isn't the mr. so cute working on his legos (yes i teased him about being 5 yrs old. but i couldn't help but love his finished "creator jet", it even lights up...how cool is that!)
oh you know just the best part of making something....cutting and measuring....not!

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  1. our husbands would get along very very well. my mr. is also obsessed with legos.


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