Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the mrs. officially started work

so i woke up super early monday morning (i was so excited i couldn't sleep)
ate a great breakfast (which is a surprise for me, i hate breakfast food)
you might be thinking...cereal...thats not great.

 but lets be honest. cereal with bananas is ten times better than what i usually eat. 

and then i got all ready to go.
first day of a big girl job.

here i am so excited. 
i was attempting to show my name badge but apparently i held up the wrong side...whoops
monday was crazy and stressful but oh so much fun.
and today was even better.

i think i'm going to like this internship thing.
i just wish it could last all year!

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  1. How exciting!!! :)

    Btw, I'm attempting to make my own vintage poster...and failing miserably. lol I thought it would be cute to have at the sign in table at my wedding.


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