Sunday, January 23, 2011

the mr. and mrs. weekend update

this weekend was a blast. 
we finally finished cleaning our old apartment (yay)
and we had our first house guests.

ky and darren came for the weekend and we loved having them.
i was so glad i could fit a queen size air mattress in our tiny second room.

i wish i would have taken more pictures but unlike me i forgot.

we had a blast catching up.
eating pizza from the pie.
playing games.
the boys: watching sports
and laughing.

last night we went on a double date to dinner than to temple square.
ky hadn't really been there so we decided to take a tour of the conference center and such.
it was so much fun. what a fun change from our "normal" date nights. 
i even ran into friends from high school. how great.

we took one picture in front of the temple. 
it was fun to just walk around and visiting the visitor centers.

we finished off the weekend going to church in our new family ward.
i was so scared. i changed like 10 times.
but it was great.
we felt so welcomed and loved. 

and we even got to meet our wonderful prophet 
(me teased me about my sweater and told the mr. he was a lucky man!)

so yep, this weekend was pretty great.

tomorrow is the big day that i officially start work/internship.
i'm so excited, and scared out of my mind (yay)

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  1. uh hello slc is treating you so well! good luck starting your internship tomorrow.

    i totally want to come see you! can me and bod come up and hang out??


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