Friday, January 21, 2011

the mrs. is just thinking

so yesterday was supposed to be a great day but didn't turn out that way.
i guess everybody has bad days every once in a while, yesterday was mine

but last night we went to visit the mr.'s family
and it was great because we just popped up, and it only took us 20 minutes.
and i got to hold baby m. who is getting so big and couldn't stop staring at my mr. (it was adorable) 

so today is going to be better.
ky and darren are coming to stay, yay!
and i have to go to p-town.

and i slept in again....whoops
starting next week that won't happen

anyways rambling on again.
but i'm done.

happy friday!

i'll actually take some pictures of the new place today. i promise ;-)

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