Thursday, January 20, 2011

the mrs. and her ordinary day

today is just an ordinary day
i ate oreos for breakfast this morning....
because i could.

and i didn't feel bad
because i'm going to the gym today with my sister (i love living close to family)....

and i don't have to work today
so i'm finishing putting our house together....

and i'm getting ready for our first house guests (ever)
my dear friend and her hubby are coming to stay!
i'm so excited.

so today i listen to the new rascal flats cd,
do all the ironing,
finishing cleaning,
and enjoy being a wife! 

what are you doing today?

oh and for those of you who wanted to know how i made the love blocks...

super simple.
take four blocks, cute valentine paper, paint, and modge podge

1. sand and paint blocks. get cute hubby to help (at least thats what i did)

2. cut out cute paper for back ground (i use my silhouette, but you can just cut them) measure a little smaller than the block.

3. cut out letters in more cute paper. i decided to use a heart shape instead of an "o". so much more valentiney that way.

4. ink the edges of the letters (get an ink pad and go to town, this makes the letters stand out)

5. use the trusty modge podge to glue the paper to the block. then glue the letter to the paper. make sure to take your time to smooth out the paper so you aren't left with big bubbles.

6. i used glitter modge podge to add some fun to the whole block.

7. let dry

8. add cute ribbon and buttons just for more pizazz! 

and thats it. super easy, trust me!

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