Tuesday, April 2, 2013

the mr. asked me a question....three years ago

three years ago today the mr. came and picked me up (but he wasn't the mr yet). he told me we were headed north for the weekend. it was conference weekend.

i had just finished an interview. and didn't really feel like dressing up. i wasn't expecting a ring. at least not for another 4 weeks. so i packed my bags and ran out the door.

so my nails weren't painted. and i thought i had 4 weeks to stop bitting (dang that habit....).

mr. told me we were running early. so we had a few mins to go explore our favorite place. i put on flip flops because again i didn't think it was anything special. i didn't want to dig around in the truck for my cute shoes.

we walked around. hand in hand. and then the surprises started. i didn't see it coming. but it came. and it was perfect.

he knelt down on one knee. he asked.

and i said yes.

still to this day i wish i had done my hair. and painted my nails. and worn my cutest outfit. but then again i don't. the mr.'s proposal was simple, it was perfect, it was us. so maybe i looked like a mess. and i think that makes the memory all that sweeter.

best decision we ever made was on april 2 2010. we decided to become mr. and mrs.

you can read the whole story here


  1. This is so cute! Congratulations on your 3 year engagement anniversary. Your ring is gorgeous.

  2. BEAUTIFUL ring!! Congrats on your anniversary...always a good reason to celebrate :)


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